Manage your guests’ access from anywhere in the world

Install it now and enjoy the first year of service FREE!

Manage your guests’ access from anywhere in the world

Install it now and enjoy the first year of service FREE!

Why is this solution the best?

The ENTR™ solution

  • No cables and easy to install.
  • Network of certified installers.
  • Records of events and notices with alerts to the owner.
  • Customer service 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Other systems

  • Expensive, with cables.
  • No network of installers.
  • No alert system for owners.
  • Customer service only during work hours.

How is access authorised?

The owner sends the guest an e-mail with the access credentials.

How is the apartment accessed?

The guest accesses the portal as well as the apartment through a text message or Telegram on his smartphone containing the access credentials.


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Mireia García

“I was a bit reluctant to install such a system, but the facilities TESA offered encouraged me and now I am totally satisfied.”

Juan José Berenguer

“Using this system, I have no problems giving access and keeping control over my apartments. Everything is very simple.”

Martín Pérez

“I did not have to ask for permission from the neighbours at all because it is a system that does not affect the community, since it isn’t noticed from outside.”

Gadget 2015 Digital Home Award

TESA ENTR™ was given the “Digital Home 2015” distinction by Gadget magazine.

First Prize in Innovation and Design FERROFORMA 2017

TESA ENTR™ was awarded the “2017 First Innovation and Design Prize” by FERROFORMA.

TESA ASSA ABLOY is the leading Spanish manufacturer and supplier of locking and access monitoring solutions for the residential and institutional sectors.

TESA ASSA ABLOY avails of a wide and complete range of products, including panic devices, cylinders, security locks, doorknobs and handles, door closers, access control solutions using electronic cylinders, electromechanical and electromagnetic solutions, and armour-plated doors.

TESA ASSA ABLOY exports to markets such as Latin America, the Middle East, Europe, the Asia-Pacific Region and North African countries.

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  • Only those authorised to access at any given time can enter.
  • It has a security cylinder with a protection system against drilling, bumping and picklocks.
  • From the outside, there is no evidence of a smart lock having been installed. Apparently, it is just a lock with a conventional key.
  • The lock blocks automatically.
  • Online communication is encrypted.
  • Guests/maintenance personnel may open the door and/or portal with their smartphone using SMS and Telegram.
  • Flexibility on arrival and the possibility of extending the stay of guests.
  • Remote management of all apartments wherever you may be.
  • Easy lock installation, no cables, no need to ask permission from the homeowners’ association.
  • Save on third-party key management expenses.
  • You will not have to pay for key duplicates due to loss or lock changes. Just cancel the virtual key.
  • Installation without cables, not requiring works.
  • Real-time monitoring of apartment access status and system components.
  • Only those authorised to access at any given time can enter.
  • You can disable access for guests who do not meet the terms set.
  • Receive real-time alerts about events occurring in your apartments on your smartphone.